Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Very special earrings

These earrings might look quite common, I made some like them, but those aren't made by me and the person who did makes them really special indeed! A friend of mine visited and as she liked my new earrings, she asked if I could show her how I made them and if she could maybe try making some herself - if I considered this possible.
She is blind.
I know her well, her fingers sensibility is marvelous. Of course I thought it possible!
So, I started by showing her all the parts and the tweezers she'd need. She took her time feeling each piece and with a finished earring she could memorize where the parts would be put. Then she bade me give her beads of fitting coulours, wanting a look of ice. I put my box of clear glass beads in front of her and added some interesting blueish glass beads.
She started slowly but soon, she became quite confident and it was great too watch her progress, her fingers literally flying across  her working surface.
When she finished the first pair, she glowed with pride and happiness!
In the end, she had made 4 pairs and she said:" You know, I never could work out how you did this or why it meant so much to you, but I know now. Its wonderful how everything comes together and finally, you created something totally new, beautiful and unique. It makes happy!"
I'm so grateful to have been a part of this! You see, there's so much possible if you give it a try! Hey, I sew with my elbow instead of my foot - why shouldn't someone blind make jewelry?!
It works. It makes happy, you know.

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